My latest projects – December ’15

December has come to a close and whilst I’ve also had a little break during the holidays, I can never sit still!
I need to be a little creative to have the feeling that I’m getting the best out of my day, it’s a bit neurotic sometimes haha.

For this post I would like to give a little recap with the projects I’ve been working on the past month. Hopefully I can make a post filled with lots of new things every month. (By the looks of all the events coming up, it think it will work out).

One of the products I enjoy making more and more are bonnets! A few years ago they were very scary to me, since I had not yet a good idea how I needed to make them. But many bonnets have been made since then, and past month we’ve made lovely bonnets to match the ‘Summer Tales Library’ series. I’ve used two different kinds of lace for the inside, a very sparkly golden one and a classy black rose one. Both the bonnets suit with the different kind of items that we’ve made for the series.


The bonnets are made with wire trough them, making them really easy to style the way you want them. Although I can tell you it’s quite difficult sewing with the iron wire inside them, a few machine needles didn’t make it to the end…oops.

Dreamy Bearhats

Okay, it’s been insanely warm here in the Netherlands during December, it’s been the hottest one since…forever! But that didn’t stop us from making our lovely soft Dreamy Bearhats! So imagine a soft, cuddly piece of headwear that not only looks so cute you could die, but also keeps your ears nice and warm ^^ We’ve even added a new color to our range, especially for the lovers of Sweet Lolita or Decora/Fairy Kei, Pink!

IMG_6032 IMG_6039

The discovery of Resin

For our jewellery range we were searching for new materials which we could use to make it more customizable. I really want to give a bit more of a Summer Tales touch to the items, so my eye fell on working with Resin. After lots of research online, we purchased our first resin, a bunch of glitter bottles and a few molds to try it out. And we did, we tried a lot, but I we finally have a cute outcome that is suited for the shop.
We still keep learning about this material, but it’s so much fun to see what you can achieve with it!
On the other hand, it’s really smelly to work with, but it does teach a lot of patience to me, since I need to wait around 1-2 weeks to finally see how the pieces turn out. The resin charms are made with 3-5 layers, and each layer takes a few days to fully harden (or ‘cure’ as they call it with resin).

IMG_5940 IMG_5901


Upcoming for January

For next month we will show you more of the new label of Summer Tales Boutique, called ‘Summer Poetry’, a collection of casual and otome pieces. Also except some more wintery goodness (it’s finally freezing over here) and lovely accessories.

x- Miss Summer

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