Holy Lantern…and the waiting game begins!

I think a lot of Lolita’s can relate with me in this situation, the made to order for one of Angelic Pretty’s most iconic prints till date: Holy Lantern. You either love it, or you hate it. In my case, I absolutely love it! I can still remember the first release, but at the time it was still a bit too much to drop down the full price for a dress. I always kept my eye the secondhand market, but had no luck with finding the right item for the right price. Therefore I was ecstatic about the made to order!

Together with a friend we placed the following order, I went for the Bordeaux Onepiece and she ordered the Horror Bat bag in Gold.
(Gosh, I’m so incredible happy they’ve added some centimeters to the Onepiece).

Red OPHorror Bat

….And now the waiting game begins untill March

So in the meantime I like to look at different coordinations with Holy Lantern, to already think about (and maybe make or order) the accessories and legwear that I want to wear with the dress!

Here are a few of my favorite coordinations:
HeadpieceAbsolutely adore her headpiece with the little bats flying around it (source: *click*)

Holy Lantern and an OTT Bonnet fits perfectly in my eyes! Also love the velvet details (Source: *click*)

And a little floordinate, featuring a lovely coat! (Source unknown)

x- Miss Summer

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