Latest project: Charming Ribbon Combs Sets

In the posts called ‘Latest Project’ I would like to tell you more about a new item that we have added to our shop. But moreover, the journey it takes before it is produced and gets in the shop. Where do the ideas come from? And why execute them now? Where did we get the inspiration for it? These questions will hopefully get answered in these posts.

So let’s start off with our latest project, the Charming Ribbon Combs Sets ~

All colors

This is actually a type of items that I have in my mind since the very beginning of Summer Tales Boutique! Over the years I’ve made a few prototypes, but I was never completely satisfied with the size and the poofyness of the bow. Either they were a bit floppy, or they became too thick with multiple layers of fabric.

January is generally the month that I try out some new projects, it always the time of the year that we clean out our working place, and then we always find some materials once destined for new items. That was also the case with the little combs and it rekindled my spirit to try out new bows for them. ¬†Instead of making only one or two pair, like we usually do with new projects, we’ve decided to make a colorful palette of these ‘Charming Ribbons’.

AP bowsI adore the ribbon hair combs from Angelic Pretty, so versatile.

The inspiration for these ribbons came from the time that I just got into Lolita. They were a cute addition to your accessories, especially if you were into OTT sweet, which was really popular back then (you can never have enough bows!). But nowadays I think they are very suitable for Casual Lolita and Otome as well.

3I can totally imagine these cream ones with a lovely chocolate coordination!

They usually use grosgrain ribbon for their bows on a comb, but we chose soft fabric for them. This gives them a bit more ‘body’ and makes them softer for the touch. I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out and we are very curious what you think of them!

x- Miss Summer

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