DIY: Fancy Ringholder in a Frame

Perfect to keep all your lovely and precious rings together in this beautiful frame. And what’s the best about it? It’s easier and cheaper to make then you might think at first glance! Time for some Do-it-yourself action ~

For Summer Tales Boutique we’re at the beginning of the convention and event season, and that’s always the perfect time to start preparing new ingredients for the perfect booth. We were looking for a prettier display for our new resin rings. Not only one that’s easy to travel with but also let’s the colors of the rings pop out more. But we thought, wouldn’t this also be super pretty on someone’s room?


First things first, what do you need?
– Frame of your choice
– Gluegun
– Styrofoam
– Fabric of your choice
– Knife for cutting your styrofoam to size
– Scissors for fabric cutting
– Optional: Sturdy paper and/or soft foam


Be sure to plug your glue gun in at the beginning!


I chose for a lovely gold colored frame with a cute bouquet image in it…


….although that doesn’t matter since the image needs to go!

Have trouble finding the right frame? Be sure to check out your local charity and secondhand shops. I’ve got mine from my mom, but since she has a shop in antiquates and vintage home decoration I’m a bit privileged  teehee. If you can’t find anything at the trift shop, try out you local budget shops for a cute frame for a small price.

Once you emptied out your frame, it’s time to cut the styrofoam to the size of the frame. The thickness depends a little bit the size of the frame, but in my case I chose for a height of 4 cm. I used 7 pieced of styrofoam in total, but again that varies on your frame.


Once the cutting of the styrofoam is done, it’s time to cut the fabric for a nice finish. I chose a off white fabric to match both with the frame but also with the rings. For advice I would choose a solid colour and not a very busy (small) print, but then again it’s your project, so your choice! Make sure there is plenty of fabric around your styrofoam pieces to completely cover it. It’s always better to trim off a little bit at the end then having not enough fabric!

In the following pictures you can see I’ve also added a piece of sturdy paper and soft foam on both sides of the styrofoam as well. I personally think it is not necessary if you use a soft fabric, but I had the materials lying around so decided to use it as well.


Time to bring out the gluegun, which should be heated up nicely by now! First make a line along the top and then carefully place the first side of the fabric on top of it. Be sure not to burn your fingers but place enough pressure on the fabric to make sure it sticks well.


And it should look something like this

Then repeat the same steps for the other side and the small sides. Be sure to pack it like you’re packing a gift. Just fold the ends of the fabric together and your gluegun functions as your wrapping tape.

Repeat this process for all your styrofoam pieces till they are all covered with fabric. Then it’s time to put your frame together!

9Put glue on the sides of the frame and carefully glue your fabric wrapped styrofoam on it. Make sure the pieces that come after it fit snuggly towards each other. If you place them too loosely under each other you will get big gaps once you’re putting your rings in. So tight is alright! Want to put a nice finish to the back? I’ve cut a piece of black velvet, a little bit bigger than the backside of the fabric pieces and covered it. That gives a nice and professional finish to your piece.


And that’s how the front needs to look!

Once your fancy ringholder in a frame is done the next fun part is there, time to put all your precious rings in them!


We hope you found this DIY tutorial helpful, and we are very curious to your ringholder frames!
Keep on being creative!

x- Miss Summer

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