Journey to Under the Sea – Part 1

Hello lovelies,

Little over 2 weeks until the biggest Lolita event that our country has ever seen: Under the Sea in Amsterdam, presented by Street Fashion Europe! Our preparations for this event have been going on for longer, but we would like to show you a glimpse of what we’ve been up to the past time ~

Our first attendance to a big Lolita/Japanese Fashion event has been La vie en Rose in Paris, in February 2015. It was a mighty big adventure for us, making various one-of-a-kind dresses especially for the occasion as well as showing the attendees our current collection of accessories and garments. It was such a delightful experience, and I can honestly say that my dressmaking skills got an extra boost due to this event.
My personal highlight of the event was seeing the ‘Pearly Princess OP’ being worn on the catwalk. Dears, that dress has took me 10 years of my life, yet it made me feel so proud of my brand and shop ^^


Enough talking about the past, let’s look forward to the coming event!

For Under the Sea we are currently working on a new collection of dresses that will make their premiere on the catwalk, we can’t show you much of these yet, since we want to keep the surprise on the event itself. What we can say? A brand new print will make it’s premiere, as well as soft pastels and dusty tones that will enchant the catwalk for Summer Tales Boutique. Getting curious yet? (*^▽^*)


Are you interested in visiting our shop around the time of Under the Sea? We will have extra fun shop day on the 5th and 6th of May!
Our shop will be extra fancy arranged, accompanied by a small pop-up cafe where you can sit down for homemade cakes and pies with a cup of tea (or coffee!). We hope to see you on these days as well! (ノ*゜▽゜*)

I’ll be off to my sewing machine again till our next update,

x – Miss Summer

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