Japan Expo — Hello Paris!

Will you take a frilly ride with us to Japan Expo? Be sure to follow our blogs about Japan Expo the next days!
Exciting things are happening this weekend in Paris, not only four days of full blown Japanese culture at Japan Expo, bu also the opening of the new Angelic Pretty shop as well as their TeaParty~
(Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend those, since I’ll be at my pop-up shop at Japan Expo, but I look very forward to the pictures, so if you’re going, please make many pictures!)

Although Japan Expo starts on Thursday, we decided months ago that we wanted to go a bit earlier this year to be better prepared. And not only that, my parents decided to travel with us. They will go around Paris and visit Japan Expo as well, but this way we have a lovely combined working holiday 😉

My lovely company for the week!

That being said, our journey started today. Loaded with a cup of coffee we took off at 8 0’clock in the morning and had very little traffic jams along the way. That made me so happy, since last year we had so much delay we arrived in the evening and had hardly any time to build up the stand. It was so stressfull ;__;


Our apartment looks just like the advertisement and is so nice and roomy! We unpacked all our stuff and I already redecorated the cabin in the room into a Lolita version teehee.  I always get so excited when I’m in Paris, I couldn’t wait to depart to the city center.
After some brain storming we’ve decided to depart to the Notre Dame, the area around the Cathedral is filled with lovely restaurants, and the sun even started to shine bright! We’ve sat down at a nice brasserie for evening dinner ~

My outfit of today was Axes Femme combined with offbrand accessories. Perfect for a long car trip!

Not so much frills for today, but tomorrow we will start building up our stand!

– x – Miss Summer

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