Japan Expo — Time to decorate

Our day started off with a nice cup of coffee (can you already notice it’s my life juice?) and off to Villepinte, Parc des Expositions! I still need to get a bit used to our new van, which is quite a lot bigger then the cars I usually drive. So the small streets of Saint-Denis and Paris are perfect for practicing. At around 10:30 we arrived on site and started to unload the car.

The booth always looks like a blank canvas to me, where all my decoration are my painting brushes. I started off with making the walls look more floral and suiting to our collection as well as placing our white cabinets. Previous years we didn’t have enough space in our car to take them with us, but this year it was easy peasy. And I’m already so happy with how it is looking ^^

It looks so bare when we arrived…
…but it’s starting to take shape!

Unlike other years where we drove to Paris on the same day as building up, it was really relaxing today to build up the stand. I’m always very critical towards myself on how I want the booth to look. It was really nice to have some extra time to put everything in place.
Once the cabinets and the clothing rack was on it’s place, it was time to put all our new Amuse plushies into place. Oh dear, how happy I am that everything arrived on time from Japan just before we left for Paris.

Whieee all our new official Amuse plushies!

Tomorrow we will also take our photo camera with us, but today we’ve also shot some footage for our upcoming vlog.
Here is a little preview from the booth, I hope you come visit us at M126!

– x – Miss Summer


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