Strawberry Fields Collection — Sneak Preview

Strolling past small lanes surrounded by the sweet scent of strawberries…

Just before Japan Expo we’ve did our best in finishing our Strawberry Fields collection in time.
We’ve had limited fabric in a lovely salmon toned pink and a soft blue. Truth to be told, I’ve had it in my fabric stash for quite some time and every summer I wanted to create a collection with it. For Japan Expo we’ve already created a lot of new accessories and had enough time left for a few big pieces.


Again, my eye fell on the summery fabric. Lovely light Japanese cotton quality, not seen trough but airy, so perfect for summer. I swirled my coffee in my cup, stared at it intensely and went on with sketching.
With the production of this collection I’ve had the pleasure to have my good friend Malou over, who came all the way from Belgium to help me out. She was the one to pressure me into taking stock pictures before leaving for Paris. (Most of the times I take stock pictures way later then the release of the items, quite a learning point ^^)

I’m personally very happy with how the neckline and bodice of the jumperskirts turned out, it really gives me the country/classic vibe I was going for with this fabric. We’ve also chosen for soft chiffon details to still give it a bit of a modern touch. And have you seen the little apple on the hand beaded pearl chain? It matches perfect with the print!


Aah, one of the most satisfying parts of the sewing process for me? When the shirring panel is coming together and I can lace the ribbon in. For this design we’ve chosen for metal eyelets, this makes it sturdy for the lacing. If I don’t have strong enough lace for the lacing I rather put extra effort in it, then having the chance that the lace might tear when wearing (yes I’m looking at you Baby the Stars Shine Bright).


And a final teaser picture, again a combination of old-school lace and more modern used chiffon. The fabric ruffle gives the skirt part extra volume and looks so cute!

In the next week our website will be opened again and the items of this new collection will also appear online. There you can see more info on the sizes, prices and details.

Mmm….and now I’m craving for strawberries!

– x – Miss Summer

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