Artist spotlight: Shiitake Gensodo

An Illustrator that will enchant you

I looked over the table and was bedazzled by the fine drawing technique and eye for detail. I couldn’t stop gazing at the delicate images.¬†This was my first encounter with Japanese Illustrator Shiitake Gensodo on Japan Expo, in Paris, three years ago.

details Crown Drawing
Source: Official Gensodo Facebook page

Since then I collect her artpieces as prints and artbooks. I even had the delightful opportunity to speak to her this summer at Hyper Japan in London.


She was very pleased to hear that she has many fans in Europe. I always get many questions where the beautiful artwork comes from we have on display in the shop. That’s why I wanted to show you even more work from her!


Shiitake loves to draw girls and flowers and combine these so pretty together. Each drawing always contains one of more shoujo girls, together with feminine and girly details.
I also love she has many artpieces with a hint of Lolita in them, I get very inspired by her artwork as well!


If you are interested in more artwork of her and purchasing, please take a look here: (this one is a bit outdated though)

Or find her on Facebook:

x- Miss Summer

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